Trans Liberation Books, Essays, Etc by Trans Women & Femmes (a running list)

Recently, I got a message from someone compiling a reading list on trans resources and noticed it was dominated by resources by/for male & masculine identified folks. This has also been the case in much of my experience. So I decided to start compiling a list of introductory resources about trans identity and anti-oppression written by trans women and femmes.

These resources are fairly north america-specific, and some of them are dated. I don’t necessarily endorse 100% of the ideas in anything on this list, but I’m trying to include only pieces that take a feminist/critical look at trans politics. I’m also only looking for work that examines material realities (i.e., not abstract theory or de-contextualized individual narratives), that centers trans people’s voices on resistance, and is written to be broadly accessible to a general audience.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that, while print books are amazing and I love them, nowadays there are also tons of fierce trans-feminist voices on blogs, twitter, etc and a lot of what they say is more relevant & interesting to the current, constantly-evolving trans-feminist movement.  Our language and community evolves rapidly, and largely took a different direction than some of the older books in here.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth reading, but if you are interested in my take on some current trans 101, read here.  (Also: for more research, reports, policy briefs and stuff like that, see the DC Trans Coalition site.)

Introductory Books

Research Studies




And here are some resources and books written by some people who are trans women/MAAB trans folks, some trans men/FAAB trans folks, a couple cis folks, and some anthologies that contain stuff written by trans women/MAAB trans folks that I still consider trans-feminist essential reading…



  1. I am curious, how is my chapter “The RadicalQueens Trans-formation” from “Smash the Church, Smash the State!” an oral history? I wrote the chapter, it wasn’t dictated.

    1. Hi Cei! It was actually a typo! I meant to title that part just “history.” I’m spacey sometimes, lol, but I fixed it now. Thanks for asking, cause I might not have noticed otherwise. :)

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