Chicago Dyke March Statement on Orlando Shooting

The Chicago Dyke March Collective would like to send all those in our community lots of love and healing today. The coverage of the mass shooting in Orlando has left many of us scared and mourning the lives of queer and trans people of color. With Dyke March approaching we want to ground ourselves and our community in our continued resistance against all discrimination and violence including xenophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, and racism.

We know Black and Brown Queer and Trans people are being killed everyday. We want to be able to grieve as a community without our dead turning into a PR stunt. We know there is no Queer or Trans solidarity with the police, with mayors, or with politicians. We know as people of color that this is not the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States. We know this will be used to condone violence onto Arab and Muslim communities. We know they do not care about us and that we will continue to love and care for each other. On June 25th 2016, we will march in memory of all the lives lost in last night’s shooting, and of all others that have been taken in years past.

“We move to create visibility,

to honor our histories and identities, 

to disrupt oppression and dominance, 

to challenge silence and fear, because we are everywhere,             

because we must survive”


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