about me

My name is Sadie Ryanne. She/her/hers. I’m a queer, disabled, white, crazy trans woman and a survivor of trauma and child abuse. My hobbies include fighting for earth liberation and gender self-determination, destabilizing all borders, and imagining a world without jobs or prisons. I work at a drop in center for LGBTQ young people experiencing homelessness or housing instability and am a clinical mental health counselor-in-training.

I’m also a feminist, former street kid, vegan, dog mom, punk, drug user, witch, story-teller, community gardener, anarchist, and writer. I grew up in working class Appalachia but have been living in big cities for too long. I’ve been part of forest defense, global justice, anti-war, prison abolition, trans liberation, and other radical movements for well over a decade now. My favorite colors are black and purple.

I’m mad, in all senses.

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  1. Thank you, Sadie. I read your letter. I am also a transgrrrl, living in Chicago. My parents have been dead for some years now, but I do have two now-grown sons whom I haven’t seen in years even though we live in the same city. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the hardest for me, because I was close with my kids before I transitioned 4 years ago. Now they reject me. I am a non-Christian student in the most queer-friendly seminary imaginable. But I do not intend to be ordained. You are so right: Jesus was radically inclusive. So much of what has come to be known as “Christianity” has no biblical basis whatsoever. What Jesus actually said and did, according to the gospel accounts we have been limited to, seems to be largely ignored. What matters now is personal salvation; fuck everybody else. You’re an inspiration, dear.
    Kooper Knebel

  2. holy shit Sadie I think I love you!! your blog is so conscientious and incisive and rad, I’m so glad I unearthed it :D
    peace, love and anarchy for all the beautiful queers!

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